I lost everything

Everybody needs sobody. Somebody to heal. somebody to talk to I only have for real friends but none of them I can talk to. Wones I had a girlfriend I loved her and I liked her friends BUT I fucked it up big time I didn't do anything so she would love me we kist dit something else like watched an movie then she would leave she lost intrest en oust me in the vriendzone I was sad tryed suiced didn't work out but her comes the stupid thing I was friends whit one of her friends and I called him a slut my ex was mad my friend and an friend of my friend who I liked I was really desperate and told her I would want to by friends whit her so I could talk to her when I had problems (btw my friend and ex I can talk to those 4 friends are my other friends) I asked if she would want to hang out and want to see an movie with me she sad yes and I was really happy but when she heard I cald her friend an slut she was mad at me I apologized already to my friend and ex and her but she still hates me and told to leave her alone I sad this to my ex and she sad I must stop talking about my problems whit her so I told these 3 peaple would leave them alone but I mis them so mutch so I asked the girl that it was stupid what I did and if she would want tho hang out and I could explain everything but she does not want to give me an chance but before al this she was kind off my friend but no she doesn't want to talk to my because I cald somone a slut I just need someone to talk to.

Sorry for the grammar mistakes

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